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A Workflow that Digital Agencies love, finally.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency

Enable your team to move away from recurring manual tasks, giving you more time to focus on insights that add value to clients. Clarisights automates data collection, normalization, and joining. By eliminating mundane exercises and placing a greater thrust on performance, agency teams can now handle increasing volumes of clients efficiently and with ease.

Enrich your current client reporting

Better demonstrate the impact of your work to clients, with advertising data automatically married to analytics data. Easily create calculated metrics and custom dimensions that tailor to the varying requirements of clients. Build intuitive reports customized to the target KPIs, that tell the story behind the data and can be shared seamlessly among client leadership.

Boost ROI and performance with granular data.

Win clicks at more efficient CPCs - dive deep into data, unearthing the best performing ads and audiences, allowing you to better optimize content, creatives and targeting. Compare performance across channels, and redistribute resources towards maximum impact. Stay on top of data and address performance fatigue real-time.